Digitalis System

Having an imaginative mechanical accomplice facilitates your way to deal with adjust with Technology, that is developing each second.
Digitalis system which is resolved to meet the clients’ prerequisites and desires by offering help and administration for improvement and minimal effort fabricating top notch electrical items in the field of Automotive electrical/Automotive hardware/Automotive Accessories and extra parts/Medical and purchaser Electronics.
We plan and assist you with executing right tech for your hardest business issues.
Our innovation counseling bolster encourages you quicken your change with the most recent innovation, structure thinking, just as enact your inheritance frameworks – at the correct pace for your business.
To guarantee this responsibility we utilize our specialized ability that is reliable and result situated. Our group is submitted enough for any sort of progress in the quality administration through efficient and vigorous reported methodology.

Management Support for new business vertical

We do provide guidance for creating new business vertical in the areas of Automotive lighting electronics, Automotive electronic accessories, electronic product for Electric vehicle, medical electronics and consumer electronics by aligning end customers in the above respective areas.
This service is extended further for setting up new infrastructure and establishment of manufacturing process with defined quality guidelines. laboratories for giving design an edge. Areas served include Automotive Lighting electronics, Automotive general electronics, Medical Electronics, Consumer electronics, power Modules, E-mobility.

Product Design and development Support

Digitalis system implements your ideas into commercial products. We deal in simple to complex design and product development services for custom electronic products. Capable of handling product areas such as drawings, schematic diagrams, printed circuit boards, embedded electronics. Utilize sophisticated CAD and PCB design software for development, in-circuit emulators, environmental chambers, and testing laboratories for giving design an edge. Areas served include Automotive Lighting electronics, Automotive electronic accessories , Medical Electronics, Consumer electronics, power Modules, E-mobility.

Low cost Product pricing support

We understand that low-cost component sourcing is fundamental to offer our customers the lowest possible cost to manufacture and for which we, at Digitalis System, provide low cost effective solution in design and also support customers in selecting alternate low cost quality supplier for competitive pricing of product.

Manufacturing Support services

We do provide strategical tie up with high class manufacturer and EMS supplier  for providing manufacturing support..

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